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22 November 2009

Impatience is making me lose

You know when you finally come to a point where you realize a major character flaw..in yourself? This occured to me today. See, things have been sort of crazy for me this past month. I have been very academically ignorant (i.e. not doing any work), and partying it up much too frequently. If not partying, then facebooking. I still do not think partying is wrong or anything but it's gotten excessive.

How did I reach this conclusion you might ask? Well, last night I ditched my best friends to hang out with a new friend and a couple of other people in hopes of partying. Then I realized that when I went to get boba with my new friends, I was bored and/or restless. I think, I need to take a step back before I do anything I regret... Plus even B was not in the mood to do anything last night and he is always down for a good time. If B is not down and I am, there is something wrong. Not that he is out of control...apparently, he actually really is!

I just need to be patient with myself and work out, and study and focus for a while. I shoot myself in the foot when I start checking for a progress report of how well I'm doing (see, the impatience is lurking in!). Plus, I lost my temper with J and B last night on the phone..I really should have hung out with them like I had planned...ugh. Mad at myself. Yet, don't want to admit I'm wrong...oh do it!

To new beginnings!

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