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20 November 2009

Community College Kicks the Crap out of 4-years

Thanksgiving is coming up...just creeping up on me! I can't believe it's the 20th already. It seems that time is moving at a faster pace lately. Daylight savings to blame perhaps? Hah. I wish. Nope, life is just sweeping by I guess!

Now, since, I've come to terms with it (okay not really, but who ever does?), I've been thinking what I am thankful for (oh corny thanksgiving Gods, stop!)...

Besides friends and family (who is not thankful for them? really now), and all the other obvious stuff that you should be thinking about e'rrday, I am SUPER thankful for choosing to attend community college.

Yes, I am proud of being a *enter new mascot name here*!

I just registered for second semester and I ended up paying just under $400 for spring semester. After the UC regents hiked up the UC tuition, boy am I happy with my decision. Plus, facebook-complainers really highlight some negatives of going straight to a 4-year. I mean if you are paying THAT much money, shouldn't you get some perks--like being able to get the classes you want? I got priority registration so I am a happy camper hahha. Go Honors Program! Sucks to the rest of ya'll at those huge schools!

Now, I am transferring so I can't totally hate on 4-years. 'Just saying that the lower division general ed. classes really are not worth thousands of dollars. Just saying.

Besides the money, I get smaller classes, get more time to decide what I want to do (at a discounted price!), and I get to stay at home where things are free and mostly done for me.

THANK YOU good decisions of life!

And that is a rap for today's rant of the day :].

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