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25 January 2010

2010 - Quick Update on Life

I was feeling inspired by a friend of mine whose blog I read from time to time. I really love blogs, and not just those popular ones like The Sartorialist (which I do love!) but I love reading blogs of people who are in a similar stage in life as me...such as college. It's interesting to read people's take on similar things...things as simple as studying, sleeping, or roommates (even parents).

Things have been quite good for me lately. I really am feeling 2010. I have began to go to the gym. I am still on the 7-day pass with 24 hour fitness but after that expires, I'm using my actual pass (boring explanation: mom bought 3 year pass from costco, once use those can't return, I got pass to show I would actually go). I'm proud of myself that I have been going everyday so far. My pass expires Tuesday and then it's for real. I already feel better.

Working out feels great! I hope I don't give it up though. I'm staying optimistic but you know how after you get really excited, the seemingly inevitable laziness seeps in on life and ruins all hard work and dedication. This blog will be further proof! So, I guess that's even more incentive for me to keep this up!

Other than that, school is good. I'm feeling behind already and it's week 3 but the great thing about a semester system is that it's easier to catch up. Although, this weekend I didn't catch up...or hang out! I hung out with family though. I hadn't done that in a while. I mean, strictly family. It was fun but dull. I definitely need a strong balance of friends, school, family, and adventure to keep me sane/happy.

I am procrastinating once againnnn! Got to get to my studies. This week is especially important...

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