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22 October 2009


It's funny how whenever I have a huge project due, that is when I am most creatively inclined to write something.

..the greatest essays all begin at midnight, right? Let's hope so.

So, I was on facebook and I came across a "note" from one of my previous classmates.

So she was wrote this huge rant about changing of relationships/friendships as we grow up and eventually grow apart. She also wrote about the tiredness from the repetitive nature of college life, which is essentially binge drinking, dancing, having sex, and the drama that ensues after.

What I found most interesting was her complete honesty, especially for a facebook post. I feel exposed even when writing this blog which I'm sure almost no one reads. Yet, I still feel naked about my writing--always over-editing what is a blog, not a damn educational essay.

However, I realized, if I can't be honest when writing a personal blog or journal, then when can I be honest?

Sometimes, a good, long rant can really open up the mind or at least allow for thought-vomit. Sometimes a purge of jumbled thoughts, feelings, and emotions can be quite helpful, not to mention a relief.

Expect more of those.

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