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06 August 2009

My Intentions

The reason I'm creating this blog in the first place is for me to have an outlet for writing, posting up any sketches/photos, reviews/opinions on books and movies, and just to document my college life.

I graduated from high school June 2009 and have already taken summer courses. A College Studies class, two actually, and an intro to humanities course. In fact, I should be reading Nietzsche right now but I dread it!

To be honest, I have too much to do and creating a blog wasn't in the to do list. You'll see procrastination is a problem I deal with, daily...perhaps I can prove myself wrong? So far, no bueno.

I'll try to write at least once a week. For now, I gotta go read.

EDIT: I ended up on facebook. Came back to this. Reread and edited. And am now wondering if I'll ever read Nietzsche. Essay due tomorrow at 6:00pm...why do I do this?!


jervaise brooke hamster said...

Hey baby, are you a hot chick?

Chloe said...

Yes i am!!!.

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